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By purchasing from our website, you agree that you know the fact that our products listed here are replicas and in no way we are advertising them as genuine articles.

Prices are in USD.


Western Union / Bank Wire
Our customers are entitled to 8% discount when they make payment by bank wire and 5% by WU..

QC policy
After payment is received, we will email QC pics of your item(s) when ready for your approval before shipping. The purpose of QC pics is for you to see that you’re getting the correct item(s) as you ordered. Once you’ve approved, we will then ship your order.

However, if you didn’t reply to our QC email after 24 hours have passed, we will take it as you have approved the item(s) and will proceed to ship to you.

Shipping & Handling

Handling time is generally around 3 – 4 business days for QC pics and shipping.

EU countries: $118 per shipment.
Rest of the world: $98 per shipment.

Above are the general estimate for shipping. You can contact us to enquire about shipping cost to your country. Shipping time vary for some countries. Please note that customs and shipping companies in your countries will also affect the delivery timeframe.

For unsuccessful deliveries or if your order was stolen, we will not be held responsible for it. Please also note that we are not responsible for your country tax.